Reversing Cameras & Monitors

Clip on Reversing Monitor

5″ screen

Auto switch on when reverse selected
Clips over existing mirror
Concealed display zone – looks like a normal mirror
High resolution digital LCD colour screen
Power memory & low consumption
Dual video inputs – RCA
Easy touch screen controls

The combination of the latest mirror and monitor technology provides a product that provides stunning performance yet is so discrete.
The complete assembly is your interior rear view mirror. As soon as you select reverse the reversing camera image is shown in the centre of the mirror.
Picture quality and AV input can be selected from the monitors control buttons. There are two AV inputs which allows for a second camera or other video input.

* May not be compatible with all vehicles depending on model type

2 Camera Input 7″ Reversing Monitor

The LCD720P is a 7.0 inch LCD colour monitor. The versatile bracket allows the remote monitor to be dash board or windscreen mounted.

  • 12v to 24v
  • Push button and remote controlled
  • AV input switching (2 inputs – 2nd camera or other video source)
  • Brightness, contrast, colour, tint
  • 4 way picture adjustment – left/right/up/down
  • 4 pin heavy duty input (requires HD to RCA conversion leads if using a camera with RCA output)

This model is also supplied with a removable sun visor.

Reversing Cameras

This camera is popular, not because it is very affordable, but being our most discrete as it mounts on the underside of your number plate light so is barely visible.

Judge distances thanks to the built-in guidelines. The camera can be used for either rear or forward view. Produces a bright clear image behind your vehicle so you can see obstacles – or people !

  • Mounts above number plate or other suitable horizontal flat surface
  • Complete with hole cutting tool and installation instructions
  • Rear or forward view selectable at time of installation
  • Guidelines – on as standard, can be turned off during installation
  • Suits any of our ClearView colour monitors
  • Min lllumination: 1.0 Lux, F 2.9
  • Water Resistance: IP67
  • View Angle: 170° diagonal
  • Operation Temp.: -40°C~85°C

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